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    I'm heading to Alicante this summer and was wondering is there anyone out there who knows of a good website/contact details of apartments for rent (preferably as close to the main part of town as possible)

    Or if anyone has any tips on where to go/avoid....

  2. Slim

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    If you key in "spain property rentals" into Google you will get a load of sites. Seems very expensive though. The rent suggested on the web sites bear little or no relation to the actual, in my experience. I would bargain a bit when I ring up or try the Irish Indo any day-there are a few for that area in the holidays section under Spain.

    Slim 8)
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    I looked into this recently and ended up taking a package deal but i did come acress an irish site (i think?) at, maybe some help?
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    alicante has a whole section devoted to different accommodation rentals throughout Europe.USA, and Oz.
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