Aldi voucher scam

Discussion in 'Is this a scam?' started by Seagull, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Seagull

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    There's an Aldi £150 voucher scam doing the rounds. This has been going around the last little while. It's basically a phishing scam. It's better set up than most, in that the url looks genuine, and it looks like the Aldi website. Only thing is that the d has a little dot under it, which is easy to miss. It has alḍi instead of aldi
  2. cremeegg

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    Yep just got a whatsapp message offering that. Pity WhatsApp is usually free of that sort of thing.
  3. HollyBud

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    Its the clowns that are using WhatsApp, not the app itself
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  4. xoxoxo

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    Similar scam but for Argos last week. Do people really believe company's actually will give you €150 for sharing a link with 20 friends?