Airtricity's radio ad to regain customers lost (dreadful customer serv) Exit Charges.

Discussion in 'Letting Off Steam' started by Leper, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. Leper

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    I have just heard Airtricity's radio ad to regain customers it has already lost due to its dreadful customer service performance since The Big Switch campaign.

    Airtricity lost customers (incl moi) because for nearly a year it did not issue bills, had a customer service team that could not be contacted by telephone, its sales staff refused to take queries from customers etc.

    The lastest ad sounds great and even got my attention - Free This - Cheaper That - and then Terms & Conditions apply and minimum of a two year contract and if you want to leave there is an Exit Charge.

    Exit Charge - Are they making sure you won't leave them? What if their customer service dies again. Will they still charge an Exit Fee?

    No thanks Airtricity - I'm staying with the ESB (great customer service and accurate regular bills).
  2. Complainer

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    Big Switch was Bord Gais, not Airticity.
  3. Calico

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    I switched to Airtricity a couple of years ago because I got tired of ESB's always underestimating my bill. I went onto their level payment plan which gets adjusted every year. I religiously gave them meter readings every two months and paid by direct debit. After over two years with them I got a letter to say they had messed up their calculations and stuck me for a bill for over 900 euros! I arranged to pay them a monthly amount over a 12 month period to clear the balance. After 5 months, and even more regular meter readings from me, they called to tell me they messed up again and that I needed to pay them 400 euros just to get back to where I was. That was the last straw. I have since switched to BG and told Airtricity I will pay their arrears over a two-year period (the length of time they made the error over). They have refused this and are now being obscenely agressive and bullying. I would advise everyone to think twice before switching to them....I wish I hadn't.