Aib tracker mortgage


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Hi Im part of the cohort that were offered tracker mortgage with excessive margins. Such significant margins that when the ecb rate were low I was offered tracker mortgage that were so High they were basically the same as the fixed and variable rates. I've received my 3rd reply from aib and just rang bdo there to request extra time. Last submission from aib who have supplied some of the information I asked about tracker rates that I was offered but didn't supply the rates that other customers were offered. I'm not letting it go, I don't care how many different agencies I have to go through. I'm going to get somone to look at the aib rates and will request the ecb rates from aib next. I received a very detailed response from aib but who's to say what's going on at all. I'm going to put in a fourth response and keep ill following up. Its extremely concerning to see the figures come through of out right rejections. I'll be taking it through the full process and if anyone is thinking of joining resources after the ombudsman finds in favour of aib please get in touch. I've suffered hugely because of this, its cathartic even to go through the process. Thank you so much to Brendan Burgess, all his hard work and for all the support on this forum.
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