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Discussion in 'Deposits' started by rayn, Jan 10, 2017.

  1. rayn

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    This account gives 2% on up to €1000 for ! month, €2000 for 2nd month etc.
    Am I right that if I leave €12000 in for a year I will earn approx. 1% before dirt?
    also I believe a person can hold 4 of these accounts.
  2. Gervan

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    You can't leave €12,000 in for a year and get 2%. You can make €1000 per month deposits, but at the end of the year, you will have to take your €12000 out and start regular savings again, or the interest rate falls drastically.
  3. rayn

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    My understanding is that after paying in €1000 per month for 12 months you can stop paying in 1000€ and leave the monies there. Ok you only get 2% on 1000€ in 13th. Month and 0.15% on 11000 and 2% on €2000 in 14th. month etc. My question was does this equate to 1% pa before dirt.
  4. CiaranT

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    You will get an average rate of 1.15% AER variable.

    You can hold 8 accounts. 4 branch accounts and 4 online accounts.

    Exactly but just to be clear ...
    You can leave 12,000 EUR in for the year but you will only earn 1.15% AER variable as an average rate.
    The monthly deposits can exceed 1,000 EUR but will not get 2.00% AER variable if your total account balance exceeds 1,000 EUR multiplied by X where X is the number of months since the account was opened or since the last annual anniversary.

    Exactly. The average payment from month 13 onwards will be 1.15% AER variable.