AIB Change Current Account Fees (30 May 2020)

AIB are changing fees on their current accounts. Details here.

The below change does NOT affect Student Accounts, Graduate Accounts, Advantage (aged 66 years+), Basic Bank Accounts and on Current Accounts for AIB customers who pay their AIB private dwelling house mortgage from that account. There also appears to be no change to EBS current account fees.

For those with a standard AIB current account:
- Current Account banking has previously been provided free of maintenance and transaction fees when you have kept a minimum balance of €2,500 in each quarter. This option will be withdrawn on 30 May 2020.
- Contactless transactions are currently free. This will change to 1 cent per transaction from 30 May 2020.

Euro usage related fees can be avoided by switching to EBS, Revolut Standard (and staying inside the ATM free thresholds), Monese Simple (and staying inside the ATM free thresholds), N26 Free (and staying inside the ATM free thresholds), KBC Extra (and complying with the minimum monthly deposit) or by staying with AIB and opening a student, graduate, basic, advantage or account that an AIB mortgage is paid out of.


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The AIB Fees & Charges document linked states that the transaction fee for contactless will be waived until further notice. Did they give notice somewhere that they would start to charge from 30th May? I'm assuming they changes it to "until further notice" when people started to complain?