Affidavit of Service required for rescheduling court case for separation question


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My husband and I separated amicably last year, after going through mediation we have a mediated agreement , it was uncontested on both sides, after advice from FLAC, we submitted the documents to the circuit court to get a court date for the mediated agreement to be made a rule of court. Court date was 20th March, so was cancelled due to COVID 19, I contacted the circuit court recently to ask for a rescheduled date and they informed me to send in a letter asking for a rescheduled date, I did this and they returned my letter asking me to submit an Affidavit of Service of Proceedings. I contacted them again and they said that I just needed to submit an Affidavit of Service,
I found the form online but Im confused as to what I need to serve my husband with? He got all the information before the original court date was scheduled(he had it already but I had to serve him these papers officially ) this is just rescheduling the date , Do I need to serve him all the papers again or is it just me serving him the letter asking the court for a rescheduled date?
Circuit Court told me to contact FLAC with any queries but this might take weeks for me to get another appointment if anyone can give a quick answer would be greatly appreciated
many thanks