Aer Lingus and Ryanair refunding volcano affected flights

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    I have to say its being dealt with superbly from where Im standing. Cork Airport, while all UK flights are grounded, are still running smoothly and all customers are being dealt with quickly. I know its smaller than Dublin but we receive a large amount of UK flights - when I heard the news this morning I assumed we would be tearing busy all day!
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    Does anyone know if the full refund applies due to the circumstances. I was booked to fly out of Dublin tonight to London and never take out insurance for such a short hop - can I expect anything back from Ryanair?
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    I'd imagine so since British air space is closed until 7am Friday at the earliest
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    I saw that just now on Sky News Mpsox - but Ryanair have a link on their website regarding EU regulations, last paragraph on 1st page here that concerns me!!

    If nothing else would I be entitled to the tax back?
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    Booked on aerlingus through a tour operator

    hi - Im booked on a tour operators flight to the Canaries, which is looking like it will get cancelled. The tour operator informed me this morning that they wont be refunding ANYTHING - not the flight, nor the accomodation as it is excluded under 'Force Majeure'.
    CAn this be so? I doubt i'll be able to claim back from Aer Lingus directly as the tour operator had chartered the flight from them. So it seems we're stuck between a rock and a hard place. have travel insurance, but that will probably only cover the cost of the accomodation, if anything...
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    I don't think that 'Force Majeure' clause would stand up in court.

    Any change you paid via credit card ?
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    Tour operators always use this excuse. They are wrong, but they manage to put off people by quoting that phoney force majeure excuse.
    Also, the slowness and cost of Irish justice is such that many customers just give up.

    Most booking conditions do state that due to force majeure a client is not entitled to "compensation". That is correct. Nor are you entitled to extra expenses as a result of such a cancellation .other than what yoyu originall paid.
    But customers ARE entitled to a refund.

    You may wish to check what i say with the National Consumer Agency 1890 432 432
    -they have a good website with an easy to read outline of your rights in these situations.

    One ominous last word - if this situation continues for long some tour operators and airlines won't be around to refund anything.....
  9. redchariot

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    Just wondering if anybody tried to claim from Travel insurance over this.

    It would be interesting to see whether claims would be upheld as this disruption would probably be classed as "an act of god" and then somewhere in the small print it may be excluded.
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    refund of flight cancellation

    Hi is anyone having trouble getting on to the site to claim the refund. Expected that it will be difficult OK. Have filled out the form several times over the last few days but have no idea if it has been accepted. I suppose I should just have patience. At least I am lucky - I did not actually travel this weekend. I knew that my flights were cancelled before I let home.
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    Which site?
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    If it was Aerlingus - check your Email "Sent Items" folder as their refund form basically sends an email with all the details you entered.
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    I am in a weird situation regarding applying for the Ryanair refund for cancelled flights on Friday 16 April as my destination is not featured on the drop down menu on the Ryanair website. I had ticket from Dublin to Cork to Dublin and you woulndt believe this but Cork does not feature on the list of cities they fly to! As I cant input Cork from the drop down menu, I cant progress the application. Has anyone else encountered something like this? I faxed a letter to the customer refunds section but I dont hold out much hope that I will get an answer.
  14. Gervan

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    Yes, this nearly threw me.
    Cork is in the drop down list, but not alphabetically, somewhere quite far down the list. Between Porto and Osijek.
    Same with destination (mine was Liverpool). Not alphabetical in that list either. I wondered was it deliberate? One never knows with Ryanair.
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    My aer lingus flight from Dublin tomorrow has been cancelled.

    Does anyone know if there's a time limit on applying for the refund or the changing flights fee waiver?

    Do I have to sort it out before the flight was due to depart?

    It would actually suit me to wait a while as I'm not sure what date will suit to change to. If I just cancel get a refund and rebook I could get stung with a fairly hefty price increase.
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    I am in a similar situation. Ryanair has cancelled all flights until 1p.m on Wednesday. I am due to fly out on Wednesday but after 1.p.m. I need to know what the story is today because I have 3 different hotels booked in 3 different cities that need to be cancelled today/now.
    If I reschedule my flight for early May, I'm not even sure if that is allowed or if there will be flights available on the new dates that I choose, I then have to re book all of the hotels at the higher May prices. And again they may not be available.
    I was disappointed that Ryanair had no update on it's website this morning. We need regular daily/hourly updates not updates every two days.
  17. Emma1980

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    oh god i hope this doesn't last much longer, i'm due to fly to madrid two weeks on saturday for my 30th birthday :(
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    It's to do with the airport code...Cork is ORK. Some of the codes are logical, DUB is Dublin but Almeria is LEI
  19. Lsquared

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    Thanks for helping me find Cork! Have just completed the refund request. I dont know how my eyes missed it but I guess my brain never expected to pick it up after Porto.
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    I have a problem on Ryanair site as the refund will go to original method of payment which was a Halifax visa since closed! Tried calling and e-mailing them, no answer. Don't know how to get through to them. My return leg was with Aer Lingus and tried to fill in the form and it didn't send so I just sent an email and we'll see how they reply, dont want refund to original method Halifax visa so looking to actually speak to someone and phones not answering!