Laya Advise on Laya Health Insurance Policy


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Hi Snowyb,

We're family of 4 -> 2 Adults aged 35 & 32 and 2 Children aged 7 and 1. Myself and 2 kids are on Vhi One Plan 500, wife aged 32 is Type 1 Diabetic and not insured at the moment.

My employer has come up with a Laya Group plan covering pre-existing illness (no 5 year waiting), so i am planning to move everyone to Laya. I live in Cork and looking for Private hospital coverage with higher excess to keep premium low. Would you recommend below plan:

Self - Precision 600 Connect
Wife - Signify (250 Excess capped to 2 payments per year)
Kids - Essential 300 (Pay for one kid and next one is covered for free)

Your advise is greatly aprreciated. Thanks.


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Hi SummerK,

Welcome to AAM. Yes, the choices you have made are best suited to your family's medical needs.
For yourself, the Mater Private Cork is the only private hospital covered on Precision 600 Connect.
While your wife has all the private hospitals in Cork covered, which will give a full range of options especially with her pre-existing illness.
The childrens special offer is best option and good value.

Regards, Snowyb