advise needed re: dealing with EA's

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  1. Mad Bad Babs

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    I put my house on the market with an E.A. I paid advertising costs up front. This EA has a couple of houses on my estate for sale. I only had two viewings over a few weeks so decided to seek advice from an other EA. Other EA suggested i take 10k off my own house and use him instead. I withdrew my House with the first EA stating my disappointment re: viewings and started with the second EA yesterday.
    I got a call from first EA saying he had an interested buyer from a previous viewing. This buyer has put in an offer to another housei in estate but saw mine had dropped in price and wanted to put an asking price offer in on my house instead. I accepted offer. Few mins later, the first EA rang back to say the buyer changed his mind and went with the other house after all. (this house is also with the first EA).
    The first EA quizzed me why i changed to anther agent. Told him i wanted quick sale, thought going with another EA and offering 10k lower was my best option and didn't care who sold it as long as it got sold for a price i was happy with, no offence intended!! He said fair enough!
    Then he rang back again few mins later asking would i consider still using him aswell as he definatlety thinks that he could get sale now that i have lowered my price.
    I asked him what about the difficulty of using two EA's and he said doesn't matter who ever gets the sale gets the fee.
    What do ye make of i said i don't mind who sells it as long as it gets sold. Am i complicating things for myself?
    I havn't signed any contracts or anything with either. willing to pay the second EA advertising costs ect if he didn't get the sale.
    I'm a complete gullable notive at this property business in case you didn't gather already!!! :D

    meant to say im completlely gullable at this property business(with bad sp!)
  2. Billo

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    Stay well clear of the first EA.
    He is a messer.
  3. MrMan

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    2 viewings in a couple of weeks and you dumped him? You need to set realistic targets and decide what you want from your EA and stick with it.
  4. Mad Bad Babs

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    MrMan: Maybe i wasn't clear it was 2 viewing over 6 weeks. I think thats pretty miserable to be honest..but maybe i am being unrealistic?? When i queried him on poor viewings he didn't have much to say for himself or offered an alternative. He knew how much i was willing to take under the asking price.I researched the market myself and decided that i needed to drop price as i am in competition with 5 other houses in the estate.
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    I think the ea's split the fee if more than one. So will need to be upfront with both of them.
  6. priscilla

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    Be careful that you don't end up having to pay out to both agents which is what happened to a friend.
    Be upfront and get written agreement from both agents that whoever finds the buyer gets the fee, or that they split the fee but then there would be no incentive to put much work into selling if you are going to only get half the fee.. Even this could get messy as if agent number 1 introduces the buyer but if buyer prefers to deal with agent number 2 as number 1 is a "messer" could get messy.