Advice on starting a civil claim for a breach of contract


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Hi all,

I've had an absolute nightmare of a time with my electricity company and have found they have breached their customer charter a number of times under the section that says essentially "if we fail to respond / fail to give you the refund / etc, we'll give you €30".

The case (should be!) relatively simple as they will have no defence as they ignored my requests over the phone, emails and letters. I've done a few small claims in the UK and that process was a LOT simpler, so I figured it won't be too hard to start myself (it's a small case so will be hard to get a brief to take anyway), but here it seems like the process is almost secret because I can't find anything detailed on it.

I'm in the process of starting a claim for a breach of contract under the District Court, not under the small claims as that's not the right process and it has been rejected, but I have a few questions:
  • How do I factor in costs that are unknown that will or might come later on? The lady at the court the other day said I'd need to get the amount claimed right first off or I'll have to apply for an amendment. I can add on the claim cost itself (€25) to my initial claim notice, but I'm unsure of the solicitor's cost for notorization or if there's a cost for say to file for a default judgement, etc.
  • I'm struggling to find the fee I'll need to add for the filing of my affidavit saying I served my certified copy via registered post. They should be in on the court's website but I can't see it? I suspect it is '2. On lodging any affidavit (other than an affidavit under Order 47 of the District Court Rules 1997)' being €15?
  • Looking at the Schedule of Costs in S.I. No. 17/2014 - District Court (Civil Procedure) Rules 2014. under 'Schedule of Outlays', it suggests that the maximum I can charge for "postage, photocopying, registered post, fax and sundries" is €50. Is this sundry value to include the notorization fee?
Any advice would be appreciated.