Advice on heating for old house


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Hi folks, we are doing up and extending a 1950's bungalow. The house has no heating system in it currently. The easiest option is oil but it looks like oil is on the way out so are we better going with something else?? To get an seai technical assessor out to advice us is 1000e!!! Don't have that so I don't know how to find out additional information about hearing systems and the costs involved. Anyone know anything about this?


When you say doing up and extending, how significant a job are you looking at? Be aware that significant renovations (affecting more than 25% of the surface envelope of the building ) commencing on or after November 1st must bring the energy rating of B2 or better. To achieve that you can forget about oil.

€1000 sounds like a lot, but what is the extent of the service provided? How much could a bad decision now cost you over the next 5, 10, 15+ years?


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Are you a credit union member? Have a look at this scheme:
Even if you don't go ahead with it, you can get a survey, the cost of which is covered by the SEAI and if you do go ahead with it you can get grants for windows replacement which I don't think you can avail of otherwise.
Where are you located? Is gas an option?