Access to College Green & parking

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  1. Chelseablue

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    Is all access around College Green area “out of bounds” to private cars?

    I have a customer that I have to visit in Dame Street and I usually park in Trinity Street car park.

    I will be coming into Dublin from the northside, what is the best way to now get access to Dame Street & trinity parking.

  2. JohnJay

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    I havent been in around there in a while, but you should still be able to drive down Capel Street, over the bridge, turn left and drive all the way up Dame street to the right turn for Trinity street.
  3. dereko1969

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    Access to all the car parks has been maintained you just have to go a different route as posted above. Also it depends on what time. The College Green restrictions are 7-7 (so presumably will effect you).
  4. Purple

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    Use Google maps on your phone.