AIB 3 loans. One on tracker. One fixed - got tracker back. One staff - tracker being denied

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I'm ex AIB staff too.
I did receive the compensation from AIB for both a staff loan and a fixed loan( I have a tracker too on the same home so a big mortgage )
The intention of the 3 loans in oct 2007on the same property was to achieve overall best rate initially with a move to tracker when fixed element matured.
I requested copy of my file. Recently received it but it does not contain anything related to loan approved in 2007. Am I entitled to see AIB internal notes on loan approved.?
Hi Brendan
I haven't posted in a while but I still use your site.
A quick update on our position is that we are in the tracker appeal process and only received AIB reply yesterday to our complaint through BDO model
The reason we are delayed is that AIB contacted us late last year to note they had spotted an error on our one of our accounts on our PDH.
We had 3 loans against our house ...
a tracker at a low margin which still exists and which we are paying
A fixed loan initially where the rate available to us was lower than the available tracker or staff rate
A staff rate loan where we expected option to move to tracker when rates made sense
All loans are still in existence and being paid down to agreed term
Having recognised their error where AIB now recognise that our fixed rate loan had a file note to move it to tracker on expiry AIB have now moved us to same tracker margin as our existing tracker and paid over redress interest that was a significant sum.
I still am fighting my case as I believe the intent was for the staff loan to move to tracker at original tracker terms when it made sense. We also have other BTL loans saga with AIB where they first need to resolve BIK complications with revenue
Some of the current reply from AIB I need to reply to rather than simply move to tracker panel stage as I think their wording is unfair