3 cylinder turbo charged engines - Life Expectancy.

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    Any car will last indefinitely if you keep repairing or replacing parts. What you're really interested in is the rate at which it goes wrong (the reliability) and the cost of repairing when it does. When the cost of repair exceeds the value of the car, you (should) give up, though it might make sense to give up before then if the reliability gives you cause for concern.
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    Greetings all:

    I visited this forum seeking an answer to the question asked by the OP. Didn't read the answer in these prior posts. My 1994 Ford Escape 4-cyclinder engine lasted 210k miles before it wore away and lost compression.

    Yes, it could be the valve train or it could be the pistons and rings, or a combination of the two that caused the low compression. So, if I may re-phrase the original question: given normal maintenance, how many miles will the engine yield, before it wears to the point of low compression?

    At 55 mph, the 4-cylinder Ford Escape's engine turned @ 2250 rpm, and wore away at 210k miles.

    So, if, at 55 mph, my 3-cylinder car engine turns at 4000 rpm, is it reasonable to assume it will yield 110k miles before it wears down?

    Let's not consider realities such as city driving or long-distance driving or mixed city-long-distance driving. We'll keep it simple and hypothetical, with all other things and aspects being equal, because, we all agree, there are two many variables to come to any agreement, as witnessed by the previous posts.

    So the simple question, if I may ask it again, with all other things being equal: how many miles should I expect a 3-cylinder engine to yield before it wears down?
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    I think you've unintentionally captured the essence of the points you raise with that particular phrase: let's not consider the realities, indeed.

    I'm not sure where to begin, but just out of curiousity, why do you suggest that 3-cylinder engines rotate at a faster rate than 4-cylinder ones? Follow that logic and a V12 Ferrari would have one of the lowest revving engines on the market....

    On a more positive note, I'd suggest you look to evidence based reliability information, such as that found at http://www.reliabilityindex.com/
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    You are asking this from a US perspective not a European one. Which is where this forum is based.

    Its not a simple question. Also its the wrong question.

    You are making an invalid assumption that the materials are the same, also that two identical parts made the same will wear the same.
    Its also an an invalid assumption that increasing RPM has linear, directly proportional relationship with wear.
    There have high profile 6 cylinder engines with premature wear and failures. So its not about the number of cylinders.
    Even when your Ford Escape engine failed. It could simply have been swapped for another engine.

    The issue really is if the cost of repair exceeds the cost of buying a better vehicle, or indeed something else makes makes the vehicle nonviable like a change in emissions legislation or taxation. In Ireland its our tax regime that makes larger engines nonviable for many. Its nothing to do with reliability or failures.
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    It would have taken to less time to read those than to register and post your message.

    All things being equal, it'll last the same 210k miles of course.
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    Thanks for attempting to reply to the question. Permit me to ask another question:
    Please tell us readers, those of you who own, or know someone who owns a 3-cylinder Mitsubishi Mirage, the model year of the car, and how many miles are on the odometer.
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    Is that a serious question? What possible use would the answer be, regardless of what the figure is?
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    Thanks again for the links and ideas. My desire is to attempt to answer the OP's question, irrespective of his/her motivations. I am assuming here, that our goal is to help each other, while attempting to be non-judgemental, and assisting each other arrive at conclusions and decisions that will assist us in our individual lives.

    I feel confident that the OP is aware of the variables involved in answering that original question, just as all of you/us are that have posted answers to that question.

    For you, then, OP, I did brief research on the internet and compiled a short list of distance covered and malfunctions encountered by owners of the the Mitsubishi Mirage/Space Star. While we all agree that each vehicle is subject to separate, distinct and many variables, this is, I think, a starting point to answering your question. I hope it helps you in whatever your quest was when you first posed the question. Of course, the miles may easily be converted to kms, to get a better feel for distance, in countries using the metric system:-

    11500 mi Passenger fender turn signal out
    22000 mi Air bag sensor. Noise when the AC clutch engages; normal; just loud on Mirages.
    24000 mi
    31250 mi
    32800 mi Rear axle out of spec
    39000 mi Faulty airbag sensor, rear axle problem, stock tires worn
    40898 mi Paint & body looks 10 yrs old
    40000 mi
    45000 mi Replaced tires
    50000 mi Serpentine belt. Goodyear Viva 3 tires replaced. Front catalytic converter
    55000 mi
    57000 mi Cabin filter, serpentine belt
    60000 mi
    83000 mi
    88000 mi Front struts blown, rear shocks bad, fear springs terrible, alignment off
    92000 mi Blown headlamp, replaced AC Condenser
    93000 mi Leaky radiator, on the seal between the plastic ends and metal
    105000 mi One sensor broke inside a tire pressure measuring system
    127000 mi Replaced radiator, falling apart from taxi service abuse
    140000 mi New drums on the rear
    169734 mi Uses 1/2 liter of oil every 3725 mi
    200000 mi
    232134 mi
    252000 mi

    In the lines where there is nothing following the distance in miles, the person merely stated that the vehicle had been driven that many miles, not indicating what malfunctions were encountered, what parts were replaced and serviced.

    I think I'm going to acquire a Mitsubishi Mirage/Space Star!!