2021 Car Imports from the UK after Brexit


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Apparently cars imported post Brexit in 2021 from the UK will attract Vat making it much more in attractive. Will it be the same with imports from NI as the are staying in the CU and SM?

Baby boomer

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I don't know. But an alternative question also suggests itself. I have a UK import which I will shortly be replacing. I can already get a refund of the VRT (based on current value) under the current regime if I re-export it to UK/NI. Post January, is there also a possibility of getting a VAT rebate.


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Why not just buy a model that isn't slowly poisoning your neighbours?

I would love to buy a BEV I have researched.

The Cheapest option BEV I can see that suits my needs is the Kia ENiro
Room for family baby seat etc,
Cheapest I can see is 30k for a 2 yer old mid range and 40k for new after grants.

There is still a big premium on BEV or even PHEV

My money tree is not doing as well as i wold like Leo.
I am not in the position where dropping 40k or comittting 500 to a 1000 a month on a car is viable even with savings on fuel and maintenance.
I don't have the option of a company car or a company to lease a car through, private leasing is not an economic model in Ireland.

I do see it makes a lot of sense and that BEV is the way to go but I am in the market in 2 to 3 years for second hand not new.

Lots of stick not a lot of carrot.

Pat Sorrn

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Has anyone actually imported a car from UK or Northern Ireland since 1st January. I am very aware of the rules and what it says on various websites, but are they actually happening. I would love to hear from someone who's had the experience.


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If UK VAT was paid when it was new (and possibly imported from the manufacturer) then should the VAT not be refunded when it is exported?