10k Investment


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10k not needed for a few years ... Mabey 10 years or so... anyone know what’s best to do with it!?


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Stick it into the 10 yr post office thing a me gig and you'll get €1500-00 for it tax free. Outside of that, go on a cruise, buy prize bonds, pay debts if you have any. Either way, there's very little to be made from it over the next few years unless you gamble on the stock market, but others on here will tell you that investing in stocks is not gambling. :)


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“Investing” in one stock is gambling or speculation. The downside risk is 100% of your capital. Companies can and do fail.

This is why Brendan is wrong when he says just pick one or two stocks. Around two thirds of stocks perform worse than the market average.

However investing in the market is not gambling.

Investors have a positive expected return as compensation for putting their capital into the market or capitalism would have collapsed long ago.

On a daily basis stocks fall roughly as many days as they rise.

As your time horizon expands the chances of making money increase so that over one year terms stocks rise roughly 70% of the time.

If I went to Vegas and the roulette table paid out to me roughly 70% of the time there would be no hotels there!!


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It's not just buying "one stock" that makes a speculator

As Sven Carlin in his book
Modern Value Investing said

"a stock can be both an investment and a speculation, depending on the intention of the buyer."