1/3 house on unregisted land - only bought 2008


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I have an issue about first registration. I purchased a house in 2008. This year I listed it for sale and went sale agreed. I hired a solicitor and when she got the folio she found out that the back of the house, garden and garage wasn't registered on the folio.

After several trips, continuous emails and months waiting on PRAI to get back to me they have sent a letter stating the mapping is correct and the land at the back would be required to go through first time registration. I contacted the conveyancing solicitor whom sold me the house and he became very hostile and told me to contact him via a solicitor as he needs to protect himself. I was only looking for help with the matter. Can't report it as it's been over 5 years. (That is so unfair)

I have no money, my house was sale agreed and now I can't sell. I was just trying to downsize.

Has anyone any idea what I can do that is cost effective, can I register myself as I can't afford a solicitor?

On a side note, I paid the solicitor for any paperwork he had on the property at the beginning of the year (before I found out). I found several copies of my folio from various different dates, but one was signed and dated in 2009 that CLEARLY showed 1/3 of my property wasn't on the folio. Wouldn't it have been his job to inform me of this?
The previous owners built an extension on to the unregistered land, how could this have been allowed?

Please, please help

Any questions and I will answer them