02 VW Bora Master Clutch Cylinder problem

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    PATJOE Guest

    I’ve had to replace the master clutch cylinder on my Volkswagen bora twice in the last 6 months, My Mechanic cannot figure out why. There's plenty of brake fluid, no air locks etc. the problem starts off with the clutch only returning 3/4 of the way, and when I drive for a wile it will return fully, but after approx 2 weeks the problem gets worse and worse.
    Its a 2002 130BHP TDI 6 Speed Gear box Bora.

    The only fix for this problem at the moment is to replace the master cylinder but I’m not convinced that this is addressing the route cause of the problem.

    Any help would be appreciated..

    Thanks in Advance
    Pat Joe!
  2. RS2K

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    Is air getting into the system somewhere?

    PATJOE Guest

    No it was bled on both occossions and no air came out. The system was purged out with fluid too and the problem still existed.
  4. justsally

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    Is the correct fluid being used, i.e. the one specified in your manual. Sorry if I'm stating the obvious. If the wrong fluid is used the rubbers inside the cylinder get damaged, and then it's not possible for the fluid to be pumped properly. Just adding my tuppence worth, I know there are better qualified people here that know about such matters.

    PATJOE Guest

    Thanks for your comment the correct fluid is being used. I also dismantled the last cylinder that was replaced and there are no rubber seals in it, there’s a light aluminium type cylindrical inside a plastic cylinder. Its fairly basic but the failure still remains puzzling.