01-442 9818 - Revenue Scam

Discussion in 'Is this a scam?' started by WizardDr, 6 Dec 2018.

  1. WizardDr

    WizardDr Frequent Poster

    What is different about this one is that it is a Dublin number.

    You get a call from this number and a message is left if you don't answer.

    If you dial the number - a DUBLIN number
    - it gets answered and appears to be rerouted
    - they claim they are Irish Revenue.

    ComReg claim they can do nothing

    Any suggestions?

    Three Ireland (Hutchison/Telefonica/O2 are apparently the number provider.
  2. WaterWater

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    Yet another useless bunch. Maybe they should merge with the CCPC, buy a big shiny building down in the docklands and spend the taxpayers money.
  3. mathepac

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    @WizardDr did they ring you or send you an email with the number?
  4. cmalone

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    Son got call from this a few days ago .., they wanted to process a €500 tax refund from Revenue - after getting his debit card number - expiry - credit limit , etc. needless to say he gave the incorrect card number !

    Can these numbers not be automatically blocked when reported to authorities to save the population at large ?
  5. WizardDr

    WizardDr Frequent Poster

    @mathepac Called me on mobile. Didn't take call. Message was about Revenue ..prosecution .. so I called the number back and then they got into refund mode. Had it been the usual non local number I would have ignored it.
    ComReg opined that they had no power - and I said its a Dublin number - so Irish provider blah blah and they just excused themselves.

    @cmalone - what I though ComReg could do was issue a block on that number to the provider (as in they provide service to that number) instead of each separate telco blocking the one number etc.

    Seems ComReg say nothing to do with them.
  6. joer

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    I received a text message last week from "Revenue" to say that I had a tax refund , just click on the link to activate. Needless to say I did not click. It looked like a Dublin number except there were one or two more numbers . So the scams are coming in lots of ways.
  7. sadie

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    I just got this call on my mobile from (01) 442 9818. A Recorded Message - very stern English voice saying there was a criminal prosecution against my name in Revenue and to call back the number.
  8. Brendan Burgess

    Brendan Burgess Founder

    The Indo reported on it on Saturday.

    Revenue issue warning on latest bogus phone call scam

    Revenue has issued a warning about the latest bogus phone call scam targeting members of the public.

    The commission said it had been made aware of a number of people who had received phone calls from a person purporting to be calling from Revenue.

    The person is allegedly advising that a tax refund is due, demanding the immediate payment of a tax bill or stating that a criminal case is being taken against the individual.

    Revenue issued a warning saying that this person is not from Revenue and if that you have been targeted you should report the incident immediately.
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  9. WizardDr

    WizardDr Frequent Poster

    Revenue have so much power that you would wonder why they would mot investigate matters like this where they are bogus Revenue scams .. they have given a lot of hidings on bogus matters before ..why not this?
  10. Brendan Burgess

    Brendan Burgess Founder

    That is clearly not their job to pursue criminal offences unrelated to tax.

    What could they do if they knew the perpetrators? Raise a tax assessment on them?

  11. Seagull

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    I'd have thought they could have a word with other agencies to have it investigated, and have the number blocked.
  12. WizardDr

    WizardDr Frequent Poster

    I agree with Seagull.
  13. Leo

    Leo Moderator

    The vast majority if not all such calls originate outside the country, they use non-geographic numbers that rotate regularly. By the time any investigation would be in full swing, they've moved on.
  14. Sunny

    Sunny Frequent Poster

    I had this call today from a Waterford Number 051 347616.......I stupidly answered and then got so annoyed I decided to play along...20 minutes later and with them struggling to provide me with tax advice about my share disposal in 2015 and how it would affect my refund, they called me a moth%^fu^&er and hung up......
  15. Jazz01

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    ok, baseline of 20 minutes now - can anyone else keep them on the phone longer than 20mins? :D
  16. odyssey06

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    Maybe we all need to start answering the phone as gaeilge...