€50k low risk - may need access to it


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A parent has received her lump sum pension of €50k and is interested in putting it somewhere which offers a good return, is low risk, accessible to some degree; or at least some of it (with notice of course) - she is looking at a 5 year window.
Any suggestions would be appreciated as her bank have been aggressive in their suggestions and both she and I have no faith in their agenda!

Thanks in advance


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Put it into a deposit account high interest - that means circa 5% PA so the "high" is relative - you might have to split it across a few Banks / building societies to get all of the 50K into the 4.5 -5+% band - see the best buy's link at the top of the page. Once you've placed it there you can look at options & have the satisfaction of knowing you're money's beating inflation (just) while you consider the next move if any.


I would put it all in Northern Rock`s online demand account.She will get 5%, on demand and it is the safest bank on the planet at the moment with a 100% guarantee!


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This is what I would do with 50K -
14K into First Active on line account @ 5.22% - money available on demand.
10K into Halifax @ 5.15% - money available on demand
26K into Northern Rock on line account @ 5% - money available on demand.

You could also look at AIB on line 7 day account - up to 10K @ 5%.

You would maintain interest of around 5% by saving as above - the best you will attain nowadays. Don't forget you really only get 4% after deduction of DIRT. (If your parent is over 65 he/she may be exempt from DIRT). Of course you may get higher interest if you drip feed into regular savers @ around 7% but that would entail setting up quite a few direct debits etc to facilitate monthly deductions.