€40 K lump. Reinvest from BOI Pip?


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I am fortunate to have money invested

Currently almost €40K in a BOI Pip. This was gifted & set up for me in 2000 & I had no input in this. I have of course lost money on this but I also spent some so hard to know true growth (Originally €44K less charges & spent about €10K). Lately it is performig much better but I am worried of losing money again as capital has no guarantee.

Also €16 K remaining in mature pip with BOI (4% & then ECB rate after 3 months) & have set up Special Saver Account with BOI at 6.5% & will deposit children's allowance for next 18 months if I can.

Have a Standard Life fund which will mature in Sept 2009. Not sure of current value (€76 lodged monthly). Also got about €1K worth of shares.

I think its time for a big financial review. For past couple years I have only worked part-time so have had to dip into the money. Trying to think of future but no point struggling.

Any suggestions on good investments, worried about risk, but prepared to keep looking at long term issues. Low income & no pension. Don't think I'd get much of a mortgage on my income. Maybe I should leave them all as they are.

Help please financial wizards!

F. Kruger

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Can you clarify if the €44K was invested as a lump sum or over a period of time?

The €16K, is that in a PIP or a deposit type account?