tesco deliveries - v.few slots for last two weeks

Discussion in 'Supermarket shopping' started by haroldsxxx, Feb 26, 2017.

  1. haroldsxxx

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    Used to be no problem booking a slot for tesco home delivery (dublin 8) within 24 or 48 hours. Last week, there were no slots within a WEEK. This week a few daytime slots tomorrow Monday but apart from that only one two hour slot in the next week.

    A home delivery service that cannot provide an evening delivery slot until eight days after the order surely cannot survive very long. What is going on?

    Is this the experience of other regular tesco online customers?
    Is it to do with the strike action?
  2. dub_nerd

    dub_nerd Frequent Poster

    Looks normal to me (south Dublin, served from Tesco, Bloomfields, Dun Laoghaire). Right now there are two slots gone for tomorrow, one the next day and every other slot is free for the next week.
  3. huskerdu

    huskerdu Frequent Poster

    I would agree that its bad service. It might be due to the strike.

    Im a regular user in South Dublin and no problems last week and lots of slots for next week.