Water Meter Damage

Discussion in 'Water metering and charges' started by Wahaay, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Wahaay

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    The pavement outside my front door has been destroyed by the installation of a water meter and it's actually dangerous for anyone walking past.
    Basially a huge square was cut out of the concrete pavement and the tarmac infill togther with the meter itself has sunk below the surface leaving a big edge for someone to trip over.
    What should I do about getting this repaired ?
  2. joeysully

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    Take a picture and email it to the local council. Include local councilors on the email and Irish water if you really want to but then footpaths are not their problem.

    I sent one a while back about a similar issue and it was resolved the next day! the subject of the email was DANGER DANGER FOOTPATH DAMAGE! seemed to get noticed