Voluntary with statutory payment


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I'm going through a supposed consultative redundancy at work. Voluntary option was offered to everyone that received an at risk letter and I presented my interest in this option which was accepted. Statutory is what is on offer which is no different to compulsory except there could be a 9 week waiting period to access social support thereafter so I don't see why it's dressed up as anything different to compulsory. I've received no formal offer after 3 weeks of a 1 month consultation and have been told I will be issued my offer in one week after which I will be dismissed. Apart from selection being a problem where engineers have been favoured over other roles to not be at risk, I'm left wondering is this really a proper consultation process?
Had one meet with HR which was casual how are you doing with no offer issued except to say that lost salary for 8 months in 2020 may see a partial ex-gratia on top. Is there a need to issue formal offer when statutory only?

Would be great to see other views.