Unemployed - feedback on future plans needed


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Age: 35
Spouse’s/Partner's age: none

Annual gross income from employment or profession: None. Was recently made redundant and taking a break. Was earning about 65k, so would hope for about 70k in next job.

Type of employment: Telecoms Project Management.

Expenditure pattern: Quite a big spender, but can be disciplined to save too.
Rough estimate of value of home : N/A. Renting at 750 a month.

Other borrowings – None.

Do you pay off your full credit card balance each month? Yes
If not, what is the balance on your credit card? 0k

Savings and investments: Have 100k in current account. Have 10k in credit union account. Have 5k in shares.

Do you have a pension scheme? Yes, have two, from two jobs. One is a DB scheme (recently told it is worth 17k, which doesnt sounds very much), and the other is a DC which I have been paying into for 4 years. When I start working again, I will max my AVCs.

Do you own any investment or other property? No

Ages of children : N/A
Life insurance: No.

What specific question do you have or what issues are of concern to you?
My plan is to travel for the next 4 months (Mar to June), then come back to Ireland (I am currently living abroad) and start a part-time MBA with Smurfit in September, and also look for a job. Once I have completed the job´s probation period, I´d be hoping to buy a house.

I suppose I´m looking for feedback on the best way to manage my money over the next year, and if its wise to invest 30k in the MBA, considering its nearly half a year´s salary.

In total I have about 110k in cash.
I will spend about 15k on the travelling, and the first year of the MBA will be another 15k, leaving me with 80k.
While looking for a job, I´d plan to spend no more than 5k on rent/food etc, leaving me with 75k.
This 75k would be for a deposit on a house, which I´d hope to buy about a year from now, and wont need to touch over that year.

Does anyone have a recommendation on the best savings account for a lump sum of 80k where I dont need instant access to it?
I´ve had a look at the best buys section and see that Northern Rock pay 5%, but I´d be nervous of going with them. I see that Ulster Bank offer 4.4% on balances less than 500k. It´s probably old fashioned, but I´d rather go with a bank which wasn´t on-line only.

By the way, I am getting 1040E a month unemployment benefit, but this will cease when I go travelling since I wont be around to sign-on.

Any help or feedback will be gratefully received.


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If you go back to work perhaps a future employer will pay your college fees?
Are you sure of doing MBA? Have you compared it to professional exams? CFA ACCA CIMA


I see that Ulster Bank offer 4.4% on balances less than 500k. It´s probably old fashioned, but I´d rather go with a bank which wasn´t on-line only.
Open a free current account and use that for transferring the money in between accounts online. you can shift money to current account when needing a withdrawal and vice-verse. So only the savings account is online but access is easy via the current account. Very handy considering you will be traveling.


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When reading your post, I could nearly imagine it was me! Now 34 and in telecoms project management and wondering re MBA. Not that I would wish for redundancy but at least seems to have focused your mind.

Personally I think you sound as if you have thought things out, would love to have the freedom myself.