The Central Bank has been too passive in dealing with the tracker issue

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    Would any of you like to suggest an answer to this?

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    The Central Bank is a privately owned bank, does not regulate interest rates or money flow.

    From 2003-2007 the PIGS received a 50% increase in money flow from German&French banks(approved by the ECB) while Germany and France reduced theirs by 10%

    Central banks don't serve the people.
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    Nonsense. It's a public entity.

    Some central banks (Greece and Belgium I think) are somewhat privately owned, but not in Ireland.
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    Excuse my wording........privately run bank

    Our Mission.

    The Central Bank of Ireland serves the public interest by safeguarding monetary and financial stability and by working to ensure that the financial system operates in the best interests of consumers and the wider economy.

    Considering the last 20 years, bit of a strange one?
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    The central bank may reason that the wider public interest can be served by protecting banks...particularly state owned banks. That might mean a few thousand customers getting shafted.
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    People who accidentally receive money into their bank accounts end up in court if they spend it.

    Banks knowingly took money from customers and spent it.

    The redress & costs attributed to the tracker fraud means no one will go to court. Bankers impunity-The real cost of the tracker fraud
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