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    These posts are copied from another thread to facilitate testing of the new buttons.


    They should work like this:

    Clicking on upload_2017-1-20_8-15-1.png in any post will bring you to the bottom of the thread and into a blank "Reply Box"

    You have to click in the box, and then type away.

    Clicking on upload_2017-1-20_8-15-20.png will quote the entire post. You should use this only when it's a very short post. You should not quote the entire post.

    The Multiquote button would be rarely used. It allows you to add the entire post to memory. Then you can quote other posts. Then you can post them all into a post in which you want to comment on them.
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    @Brendan Burgess I couldn't agree more. I've written to the Central Bank about this more than once, along with querying the extension of the December 2017 deadline. This is the most recent reply I've received to this query:

    "The issues raised will be considered in the context of our broader supervisory work.

    In relation to your engagement with your lender under MARP, you have the right to appeal the lender's decision to Ulster Bank's Appeals Board under the Code of Conduct on Mortgage Arrears 2013."

    The letter then goes on to recommend if I'm not satisfied with the outcome I have the right to make a complaint to the FSO.

    I've also written to my own bank about this, twice since the beginning of December asking for clarification. I haven't received a response to either letter.

    How this works for a customer that was/is in arrears but charged the wrong rate of interest:

    While I was restored to my contractual tracker rate before Christmas, I had accrued arrears on my account since my tracker rate was not returned to me many years ago, also I entered in/out of MARP a few times. I've used your spreadsheet pinned to the top of this board to get a rough calculation of the incorrect arrears figure and estimate it's roughly €35,000. So while I'm paying the right rate of interest now, I'm paying interest on a sum of money that I should never have been charged in the first place. This represents a difference of approx €250 per month to me. Plus I'm still marked as being in arrears.

    My bank say:

    " We will now continue with our detailed assessment of your mortgage account. This is like to take a number of months due to the complexity of the review and the necessity for independent assurance by a third party, which will help us ensure that all our customers receive a fair and consistent outcome.

    This is the first in a number of communications that you will receive. We will write to you again in March 2017 to provide an update on the progress of the review, which will include timeframes for the information set out below." (redress/compensation/payment towards independent professional advice/independent appeals process)

    The language in the letter is key (emphasis my own). I read it that it's unlikely that my account will be fixed in March. In fact I have no idea when it will be fixed, nor it appears do the bank. In the meantime, I continue to overpay on a mortgage that the bank admits has been wrongly charged.

    When you are in financial difficulties and enter in/out of a MARP, €250 per month is the difference between scraping by and having enough to pay your bills in full and on time.
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    I do understand the logic of that but what about those who are just about keeping it together without going into arrears - they're likely making big sacrifices too in order to make that possible.

    In my own scenario I need to make some big life decisions, that should have been made years ago but again are in hold til all sorted and in each day that passes they are being affected by the wait.

    Those who have already been through the FSO as some sort of problem was previously identified vs those who may not have known at all who will take longer to identify

    You could also argue for length of time - someone who is 8 years in the situation vs someone who is a relatively short period. I think mos could make an argument for where they come in order of being sorted out.

    I would say though that there should be a clear transparent process of how they are actually going about sorting it out to let individuals make some sort of plans in their circumstances.

    I did hear of one case anecdotally where a person had given up house and were offered it back by the bank - they don't particularly want that solution but it shows that the bank in question have come up with a solution of sorts in not too long a period for them.
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    I'm not disagreeing with you on the topics you've raised but a mortgage in arrears (particularly when it shouldn't have been) has knock on effects that you wouldn't have if you were paying in full.

    1. Your ICB record reflects your arrears/MARP payment status, making it difficult to apply for credit elsewhere.
    2. Moving mortgage really isn't an option and you're locked with your provider (until now probably on a high variable or fixed rate that you can't negotiate down).
    3. A customer paying in full who has their interest rate restored straight away gets their monthly repayments to around the correct amount.
    4. A customer with arrears won't. They will get their payment amount adjusted but continue to pay for the arrears until the bank decides it's time to fix the issue.
    Why not fix the customers in arrears and all customers get compensation/redress etc at the same time? The situation as it is penalises customers who got into arrears, even if they wouldn't have in the first place if they'd been charged the correct rate.

    There's no transparency for any customers. It's dreadful.
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    Hi notabene

    The principle is that there should be some prioritisation.

    First and foremost, anyone who has legal proceedings issued against them should be sorted out.

    Secondly those in arrears.

    I fully appreciate that some of those who are not in arrears have their lives on hold. But there is nothing like legal proceedings to disrupt your life.

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    This is what happens when you click on the Quote button. As you see this is not a good idea for most posts.

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    The Reply button brings me to this box, without any quotes.
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    Of course, if I am the end of a thread, I don't need to click on either button.

    I just click in the Reply Box at the bottom: