Dublin Tax Advice / Accountant for employee returning to Ireland from UK


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Working in UK for 10 years. Returned to Ireland late 2020.

UK company opened Irish company in March 2021 and I transferred to it and became tax resident and started paying income tax in Ireland.

Unfortunately a mistake made with exercising vested share options in July 2021 meant that HMRC were paid the tax instead of Revenue.
HMRC also then asked for further tax to make up a perceived shortfall, even though I was no longer tax resident. (I obviously paid the shortfall and am hoping to claim it back)

I need an advisor / accountant to help with
* Calculating the CGT from the shares vesting and paying that to Revenue
* Assisting in claiming back the tax overpayment from HMRC (both on shares vesting and on the income tax that they sought)

General advice on
* Further Shares vesting this year
* Remote working tax credits etc
* How to best set up my PRSA (no company pension) and contribute to it personally but still get tax relief.

Not sure if I'll need an accountant annually to help with the above - but happy to be directed too.


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I hope he doesn't mind me mentioning him here, but poster @Marc here on Askaboutmoney seems to be very knowledgeable, in a professional capacity, on UK/Irish/cross jurisdictional tax and related matters, so might be worth contacting in case he can offer any advice/opinions - either by posting here or on a private contractual basis.