Health Insurance Swapping providers - any regrets?


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Just wondering if anyone swapped from VHI to LAYA and subsequently regretted it? My husband’s company are moving their subsidies across. I’m currently on PMI 3814 and 360 or 360 select seem very comparable in terms of day to day with maybe better coverage in hi tech hospitals. I use private healthcare a fair bit (chronic illness) and have always found VHI to be very helpful and coverage good. So nervous of change and just seeing if anyone had any thoughts. Thanks!
There was a previous AAM thread about problems with their customer service back in 2022 but no complaints on AAM recently. They have, of course, been taken over by AXA in the meantime so maybe that has helped things.

As you are so nervous about the move just wondering if it would be worth your while to seek a review with or one of the other health insurance brokers.

Your premium is quite high and not sure if you are getting value for money. Certainly only 60% cover for orthopaedic and ophthalmic procedures with VHI is very poor for a premium of €1,913.94. The least you should have is 80% which is what the Laya policy that you referred to would provide. Some of the other Laya policies, Simply Connect for example, provide 100% but not sure if the room cover would be as good. You should discuss this with Laya also.

One thing that some employees are allowed to do in their companies is to pay for their own health insurance and then claim the funds back from their employer. Perhaps your husband could check this out and see if that is an option open to you. If you do stay with VHI you should still check out with them if you could get better value for money for the reasons that I mentioned above.
One of the main things I would look at is locations of swift care type clinics, the VHI ones seem to have a better reputation. So before you switch, suss out where the provider's clinics are, if you think you might have cause to use them.