Susi - reckonable income

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My son is going to college next year. i am separated from my husband and the
kids are living with me, I understand that when my son apply for the susi grant it is my income that will be taken into consideration. I am a payee worker so I can put the gross amount from the P60, I don’t get maintenance for my ex husband for myself but their father do give me a lump sum every month to cover part of their cost (not part of a court order), do I need to put it as well (not taxable as per revenue). Also my son worked for 6 weeks during the summer, does it need to be added to the request? I can’t really understand the notion of the student working during term or outside term, outside Term is excluded so that it means that his summer work should not be included in the calculation? Is it correct? Do you have to put what saving you have or do you have to put only the interest? I have been told by family member of my ex husband that I should qualify as they said big expenditure are also taken into consideration like mortgage (according to them they know a few people who are loaded and still get the grant for their kids but I can’t find any documentation regarding it? Thank in advance for your help.