Stanley 'Donard' Solid Fuel Range

Discussion in 'Home energy' started by baguio2007, Feb 15, 2008.

  1. baguio2007

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    Relatives in the process of buying one of these. Anyone know where to get a good deal on one of these (regardless of location)? Best price so far is €4500

    Also, for anyone currently using one, any feedback?
  2. ontherun

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    Hi Baguio,

    I recently got a Brandon. The Donard is no longer being manufactured and therefore I wouldn't recommend that your relatives go for it. You have to think of replacement parts a few years down the line. I got my own cooker in Gings in Portlaoise and they had a Donard display model on offer at the time (last Nov/Dec). I don't have their number to hand. Shop around, there are plenty of savings or special offers to be had.
  3. baguio2007

    baguio2007 Registered User

    Thanks for that ontherun. As far as i can tell, Brandon is oil or gas - but its solid fuel i'm after (Donard can be oil or solid fuel).
  4. molliesassy

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    The Donard is still being produced in solid fuel and is available. The Donard oil cooker has been discontinued. In July 2008 there will be a new model Donard solid fuel. The cooker will basically be the same but it is getting a cosmetic facelift. send me a PM if you need more information.
  5. jimlim

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    I had a new Stanley Donard installed three weeks ago. So far it is very disappointing. It certainly is not heating radiators despite having the potential to heat 15 rads I believe. Also the range is not heating fully despite using coal. The oven has not yet gone over 150 degrees
    Any ideas?
  6. Sandals

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    We have a stanley super star in for the last three years for cooking, hot water (we have two showers off this and no electric shower) and heats the radiators. We find it excellent. Lovely cream, the one with the glass in the oven door.

    Check out Gordons in kilkerrin co. galway. We got range there and aslo new stove the other day. He has very little costs due to operating behind his house. Good luck.
  7. mistermister

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    It was probably not fitted properly or the chimney is not drawing properly or you don't clean it.
  8. fmc

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    Bagio you could consider a Mulberry swift as well usually about 4300 .have only sold a few so not a huge amount of feedback yet.
    I sell these through the shop so have a vested interest but would love to hear if any one has been using these for a while now.
  9. huggie29

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    I am having the same problem with my oven. The cooker was installed 8weeks ago. Was your problem ever resolved?
  10. Peter C

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    Looked at both Stanley and Mulberry when building the house, very thankful we didn't buy either brand, both manufactured in China ! Friend bought a Mulberry and can't get any back up from them, the cast iron side cracked, so much for the guarantee !
  11. clonboy

    clonboy Frequent Poster

    i called gings in january to try and buy my erin stove there during the sale it was 2000, euros, as it happened i called a place in the north and ended up paying 1330 euro, they did deliver it haly way to me though, saw the same on e in limerick then recently for 2330 euros, so i would try the north for prices if i was you on the stanleys
  12. ofeeney

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    stanley donard

    for those of you that did buy the stanley donard how do u find it..does it heat rads,water...would you recommend it..

    if not what would you recommend in terms of a solid fuel cooker to heat water and rads
  13. ofeeney

    ofeeney Guest

    did anyone come back to u with positive feedback..what did ur relative buy...would you recommend it
  14. DesignA

    DesignA Frequent Poster

    i have a donard and find it very good. my brother has a wamsler and finds that very good.
  15. tester1

    tester1 Frequent Poster

    I bought mine in Homevalue just outside Drogheda.
    I didnt get a Donard. I went for the erin so I cant give you a recommendation on that one.
    They beat any other prices I got and they have a guy on site who offers the marble/granite for underneath or behind the stove.
    They also installed mine.

    I cant remember the name of the woman I dealt with but their number is 0419832932.
  16. tester1

    tester1 Frequent Poster

    Sorry I just read the date of the op's post haha.

    Yeah I would recommend mine. Its heats all our rads downstairs about 11.
    I have an Erin.
    Its heat my kitchen/living room which is 10 metres by 5.5 metres.

    The living room is double height.
    I find it tidy, as you can close door and I found it very handy last year in bad weather because we left it going over night.
  17. pushka

    pushka Guest

    I have a stanely donard which will not get above 125 degrees-- I have increased the flue size by 2 metres and it is clean inside-- any idea what the problem is?
    any help would be really appreciated.
    Many thanks
  18. pushka

    pushka Guest

    I have exactly the same problem- can't get oven above 125 degrees on Stanley Donard- I have increased the flue length by two metres and the machine is clean inside--- did you resolve your problem? any ideas would really help
    many thanks
  19. heavydawson

    heavydawson New Member

    Just also wondering if anyone resolved the low temp oven issue? I managed to get it up to 200, but I'm at a loss. Chimney was cleaned immediately before the installation of the new Donard. Old Range in place before Donard had no difficulty reaching 400+C
  20. Mdollard

    Mdollard Guest

    Hi, I have the same problem with a brand new Stanley we put in on Friday, had it going Saturday and Sunday and could only get 125-130 degrees on the oven temp, the radiators were lukewarm but water cylinder good and hot, am getting my son valves fitted to radiators this week, was burning dry firewood and coal in it. The company we bought from will call over friday when i am back home. Any ssuggestions?