Should the media be publishing the Pandora Papers?


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I would certainly be interested in reading about the King of Jordan's multi million pound property empire in London, accumulated while his poor country was in receipt of multi-millions of pounds of foreign aid from a number of countries including the UK
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We're going off topic but of course he should. He shouldn't then present himself as a critic of those who provide jobs for 'ordinary men' when he's never done so himself. How many people from 'working class' areas has he provided an income for, given them the dignity of work, enabling them to pay off their mortgage and put their kids through school and college? He's a hypocrite. That's what I have a problem with.
Given the choice of a job or a song most people on the dole will take the job.
In fairness, he's generated a lot of income for a lot of people over the years - stage crew, venue staff, bar staff, t-shirt laundry services and more.
He doesn't just roll up with his guitar and amp to the venue.

On the broader question, I assumed the papers were released by a whistleblower rather than a direct hack on their systems from outside. It doesn't seem unreasonable to shine a light on the reality of what is going on in the legal and accountancy firms around Dublin, with very little added value for Ireland.