Shift Allowance Entitlement

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    Does anyone know what the law is on shift allowance i.e. is an employer obliged to pay shift allowance after 12pm start or 9pm finish??? Or is there even such a thing?

  2. sparkey

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    if you allways work the quoted times then it is not shift.
    Shift is when your start / finish times change on a weekly / monthly pattern.
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    Thanks for getting back to me.

    We change shifts every week.
    1 week we do 8am to 4.15pm, next 9.45am to 6pm and now 1.45pm to 10pm.
    This rota runs for 6 weeks, the next 6 weeks we work night and weekends.But we do get a shift allowance for these 6 weeks.
    Surely the 1.45pm to 10pm shift should carry some sort of shift allowance???
    Any ideas.
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    Where I work, Evening Shift receive 10% more than normal hours and Night Shift 14%; all staff are fixed on a certain shift i.e. no rotation.

    Unfortunately there is no law stating that an allowance should be given but it is good practice and common sense if you think about it; companies would find it hard to keep employees in later shifts if they are paying them the same as the normal working day
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    An allowance for working on shifts is a concession, not an entitlement.
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    I worked for a company in the UK who abolished shift allowance on the grounds that shift work suited certain people's personel situation (eg child care). They had no problem getting people to work shifts