Right to buy Fingal CoCo House? Tenant Purchase Scheme

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    Hi All,

    Mother in family home (council house) last 40 yrs. 3 bedroom terraced, working class area Dublin 15. Father passed away 4 yrs ago. Mother lives on her own in the house. Myself and two sisters have families of our own and moved out some years ago.

    She made inquiries about purchasing the house via the Tenant Purchase Scheme as she is only 58 and there is longevity in her side of the family so not keen on paying rent until she in 90 with nothing to show for it. We (the kids) have an emotional attachment and would love to see it stay in our family.

    Council said that because the property is currently "underutilized" it does not qualify for the scheme.

    My question is do tenants not have a right to buy their council houses?

    Can this be appealed?

    Anybody else with experience or advice on how to go about purchasing the house?

    Much obliged.
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    Underutilization is one of the specific barriers to purchasing a council house under the scheme.
    I suppose you could buy it off them for full market value,or move back home.
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  3. Brendan Burgess

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    At long last, a sensible housing policy in Ireland.

    I did not know this and it's great to see.

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    There is a 30 year plus gap between 58 and 90, even at full price inflation will make it look like great value at today's purchase price, allowing for unpaid rent over the same period and there is more added value, I suggest you try and purchase the house if you can.

    I don't see how you will get a discount, we have a housing crisis and one person is occupying a 3 bed house owned by the council that could be housing a family.
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