question breakdown infection rates based on vaccine type


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This study is something along those lines... it's a US study so doesn't consider AZ.

Barbara Cohn, an epidemiologist at the Oakland, California Public Health Institute who helped conduct the study, told CNN.In March, Johnson & Johnson's vaccine was 86.4% effective in preventing any type of infection. By September, this had fallen to 13%, they reported.In March, Moderna's vaccine was 89.2% effective in preventing any infection. This fell to 58% by September. Pfizer's vaccine was 86.9% effective against any infection in March and effectiveness fell to 43.3% by September, they reported.

The study showed that the risk of death from COVID infection was highest in unvaccinated Veterans, regardless of age and comorbidities. While some breakthrough infections resulted in death, vaccination remained protective against death in those who became infected during the Delta surge.

For those under 65 years old, vaccines overall were 81.7% effective against death.
  • Protection against death was greatest for the Pfizer vaccine, at 84.3%.
  • Moderna was the next most effective, at 81.5%.
  • Jansen was 73% effective.
For those 65 and over, overall vaccine effectiveness against death was 71.6%.
  • Moderna was 75.5% effective.
  • Pfizer was 70.1% effective.
  • Jansen was 52.2% effective.