PRSI stamp for PUP/TWSS


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Legislation is being introduced to ensure that those on the Pandemic Unemployment Payment or Wage Subsidy Scheme are allocated a full paid PRSI contribution. This is very welcome, and will avoid issues with short term entitlement to Jobseekers/Illness/Maternity Benefit payments over the coming months and years. It will also ensure contribute to the minimum 10 year requirement for the Old Age pension.



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Is this definitely a full prsi stamp - from a state pension point of view ?
You will be deemed to have paid PRSI contributions at the same class that you were paying immediately before you were laid off while you are getting the payment. This will help you to qualify for other social welfare payments such as Jobseeker’s Benefit, Maternity and Adoptive Benefit.

Self-employed people will be awarded 52 annual contributions in the normal way.
Employees continued to be covered by social insurance while their employer was getting a subsidy. Their PRSI entitlements was not broken and they continued to get insurable weeks or credited social insurance contributions.