Problems at start-up

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    Just wondering would anyone know what this fault might be before I have to go to the garage.

    My 2002 Hyundai Sante-fe (automatic transmission) is struggling to start the last few mornings.
    It starts up then struggles to keep ticking over for about 5 mins unless i keep the revs up,then once it ticks over ok I cant put it into drive for another 5 mins or it cuts out with a lurch forward. The battery light on the dash is also staying on for about 1 min after start-up which isnt normal and is a warning light to say the battery is not charging properly according to the manual.I put a new battery in so iv eliminated that.
    Im not sure if it is

    1.The alternator
    2.The electrics
    3.The fuel injectors
    4.The distributer
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    immobiliser? Battery within key may be gone. Try starting with spare key to eliminate that!
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    Hi ,

    I had the exact same problem about 1 month ago on a mitsubishi lancer 1.3.....Out of the blue the car would start but struggle when idling but after a few mins itswould pick up as the engine warmed up.When I went to pull out of the drive the engine would bog down and wouldnt accelerate in any gear

    Reason: Dirty Fuel/dirt in filter/injectors
    Remedy(for me at least) replace fuel filter and clean injectors or rev the nuts off the car

    Action taken:...revved the nuts off the car...problem solved.