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Have come across some price comparison websites, may be handy for a quick browse, I found them quite interesting :

Gooster : 26 715 797 products can be delivered in Ireland

Antag : 26 781 477 products listed

Compare Ireland :

Price Finder for CDs/Music/DVDs/Games

Phone Services :

Street Prices :

Comparison :


In my opinion - Gooster and antag are pretty useless - . They have links to several sites that don't even deliver to Ireland, and I found that some links don't even work, I also found wrong prices - out by as much as 50%. (and that was just a quick random check. They are just hoping for traffic and hope people click on ads.

Compareireland also a bit of a waste of time - as far as I can see it doesn't compare anything - it just provides links to a short list of suppliers of products with "prices from...." Some of the links are to shops that don't do online shopping (Peats and Argos) . - I searched for Ipod touch - only came up with one supplier that delivered to Ireland (Komplett). Not much comparing going on there?

Street Prices - searched for a TV - it only came up with one price from a US site ! I dread to think what the delivery and duty charge would be if they even deliver to Ireland.

Pricefindr is very good - a non commercial site - and it is specific to Ireland with up to date prices.

Callcosts - also very good (government funded - so probably has a big budget) . The only thing is that it doesn't take into account all the various offers (like eircom free calls to meteor). I did notice another pricing error on it last last week and contacted them but I have had no response.


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Irishlinks - I agree 100% with your analysis. My cursory trial of those sites resulted in similar results to your own (Example: Gooster providing a link to a freezer from Tesco UK)

Brendan Burgess

Anyone fancy doing a Key Post on this topic?

I would suggest the following format:

Section 1 - Irish sites

Maybe split into financial and non financial

Section 2 - International sites which have an Irish section

Maybe rate the sites according to the following criteria:
Does it include all sites?
Independence - are searches influenced by advertising?
Usefulness of information
Ease of use
Good features
Annoying features


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I heard about this one on RTE over the weekend on Playback or Marian Finucane show - not sure which! It's just started up (by a mother and son) but could be promising.

Click on "The Big 8" tab to see special offers this week in the main eight supermarkets. They are also encouraging people to let them know if they come across bargains and they will include them:
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