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I was made redundant last year and no luck yet with new employment. Looking at transferring my DC pension (85,000+DB 18000) into a 5 year PRB.
I also have the option of keeping my benefits in the AISPF. Please advise which is better fo the more mature person, 50+.
Also which is the best value PRB out there at the moment. Have some info from Zurich quoting 0.75 annual management charge.
Thanks for any assistance, bit bamboozled by jargon but working through it.

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If you have at least 10 years until normal retirement age (of the original pension scheme), you can get a Zurich Life PRB with an annual charge of 0.5%. Do you know what the charges are if you leave the fund in the pension scheme? If the charges in the pension scheme are lower than a proposed PRB, then you might be as well off leaving the fund where it is.

The decision to move the fund into a PRB or leave it where it is will also involve looking at the fund choices where it is and comparing those to the fund choices in the proposed PRB. What fund(s) are most suitable for you depends on your own risk profile, other financial circumstances etc.

If someone is trying to sell you a PRB, make sure that you understand clearly what the benefits of doing so are TO YOU. As you describe yourself as a "more mature person, 50+", then you might find that it would be just as easy for you to leave the fund where it is. But someone who wants to sell you a PRB might not be pointing this out to you.
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DC pension (85,000+DB 18000) Whats the DB 18000 mean? is that a defined benefit pension valued at 18k per annum from NRA?