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    Friend of mine has been out sick from work since October last year. They have a mortgage and various insurance policies in place, and didn't realise that one of them was PPI. They have been into their bank and spoken to their insurance provider on numerous occasions trying to find out if it was possible to claim from any insurances that they are paying for. Both people told them no, that the policies were personal accident, life assurance and mortgage protection.

    A bit more digging around in their paperwork, and it transpires that one of the insurances is PPI. They hot-foot down to the bank and get told that they have a claim and will receive over €2k, the bank worker then goes away, comes back and says 'sorry you had 240 days to claim this and you're out of time'

    Is it worth pursuing them to make them pay or will they just refund premiums and cancel the policy?
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    A few points.

    1. PPI claims are hard to get through.. eg.If the (sickness) is heart related and at any time before he took out the ppi policy he ever had say blood pressure issues they won,t pay out.
    If its a once off sickness , they should pay out , subject to their maze of exclusions1.
    2. The 240 day is trouble, write to insurer and fill out claim form , some companies in spite of Mr Banker will payout.
    If they refuse to pay out re-appeal.
    and If they still don,t pay out
    a. If they are a UK insurer (most are) put your Claim via UK,s financial ombudsman.
    (don,t waste your time on Irish FSO )
    b. If they are Irish , run a claim via Small Claims court.

    Keep copies/ notes of everything.

    Have a long hard look at all his insurances ,sounds like he just bought without thinking and it could well be he is not covered or needs different policies.
    send me a private note if need be.
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    thanks for the reply Gerry, I've sent a PM