Pepper finance sfs review on split mortgage


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Hi, we have a split mortgage originally from ptsb but subsequently sold to pepper finance. we are 6 years in and have not missed a payment.
Pepper now want to increase our monthly payment after the sfs review. We are prepared to increase our monthlys but What Pepper deems affordable is more than we can comfortably afford to pay. I work as a carer for my aged parents but realise that this can end at any time. I'm 58 with a longtime medical condition.

Question 1: Am I compelled to accept Peppers assessment of an increased monthly payment ?
Question 2: Can I argue for a lower increased monthly payment ?
Question 3: If and when my parents die and I no longer have an income can I ask that our repayments return to those originally stated in the original split mortgage contract ?

Would appreciate any and all advice

Thanks in advance

Brendan Burgess

You need to provide more information to get a more informed answer.

But in particular:

Value of your home.
Balance outstanding on the active mortgage and interest rate.
Balance which is warehoused.
Remaining term.

Your current repayment
Your current income

Will your parents leave you a property or anything else when they die?