Payment protection Ulster Bank- DIdn't know is it a miss sell

Discussion in 'Payment Protection Insurance claims' started by Anna B, 6 Dec 2018.

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    Hoping someone can help. I got a letter from UB stating my mortgage payment proctor is being cancelled as it's a service they are not offering any more, thing is I never knew I had it.
    it was for my first mortgage 16 years ago and seemly this mortgage payment includes this fee. Even though I have restructured this mortgage a few years ago , this is the first I 've heard of this, even at that point it wasn't pointed out to me by UB insurance person who was assisting with all my policies to see if I could get a better deals on life insurance. I don't understand why this wasn't pointed out to me then that I had this policy.
    I vaguely remember signing something back in the say but I thought that was house insurance when you used to get it via the bank. It is on annual mortgage statement but is abbreviated
    I assumed that was some sort of interest calculation. Have I any leg to stand on claiming all this money back and going for miss selling?

    I've wrote to UB requesting all informing on this policy as I never got the documentation on it.
    I would like to get this refunded if possible. Do I have a case for miss selling of this policy?
    If any one can help? thank you.
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    All depends on whether it was mis sold, if there was some reason that you wouldn't have had a valid claim because you didn't meet the conditions when it was sold to you then you would have a case. Despite the bad press these get they were not all sold incorrectly, if it was relevant at the time you took out the mortgage and documentation on the policy should have been provided at that stage they are hardly to know if your circumstances changed which made it not suitable for you subsequently.