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Discussion in 'How to use Askaboutmoney' started by Jazz01, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. Jazz01

    Jazz01 Frequent Poster

    Just wondering what people's views are in relation to old (at times very old) threads which are updated by new users?

    Should it be allowed? Should comments be allowed only on (relatively) recent posts ? Is such enforceable? I know new users want to get involved, add their experience of something / some company / etc ... but resurrecting old threads - the correct way to do so?
  2. Leo

    Leo Moderator

    It's allowed as sometimes it can add value to a discussion or bring it up to date. Having related view points in a single thread makes it easier to get the whole story than navigating through multiple threads trying to piece things together.

    Where the late response is off topic in any way, we generally remove it and either create a new thread or ask the OP to do so. In many cases, new users find themselves in an old thread as a result of a search result, and don't always take the time to read the rest of the forum to find a more appropriate thread or figure out how to create a new thread.

    The Report Post facility is there for anyone who feels a post in an old thread doesn't make sense.
  3. theresa1

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    I have to say I find another well know website that operates a 'zero tolerance' approach the wrong way to go.

    I'm probably guilty if that's the right word myself but I think it's better to hold on to an old thread as Leo points out so well in his first paragraph above.