Nintendo Support UK - Switch repair - non delivery on paid for repair


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Hi all

I hope this is the most appropriate forum...

I am coming to the end of my tether with lack of service from Nintendo support UK ...having paid a high repair fee for a water damaged ( hence not covered by warrenty) on a new Switch console as my sons Santa present last March it was sent off via UPS and I was tracking it ( having checked I wouldn't be hit by any additional charges due to Brexiit ) inevitably it got stuck at customs and delivery date not available was displayed on the tracker.

I continued to check the tracker daily and in April it cleared customs and said on way however no date available ....around this time last month it fell off the radar the message from UPS was that it missed shipment .... Meanwhile ping pong email with Nintendo and UPS. UPS then informed me inadequate paper work/missing commericial invoices - Nintendo followed up confirmed they sent it - UPS still saying inadequate description , then in May I got email from Nintendo telling me UPS updated them that I refused delivery and it was on its way back to Nintendo ....I checked the tracker and can see it was delivered back to them last week. I didn't refuse delivery- I told UPS that so they reverted back to inadequate paper work

Nintendo said its not in their policy to refund me for the repair - they still have the Switch and are working on a resolution since late last week

I have tweeted the lack of service tagging them

Anyone experience this horrendeous service & any advice on my next steps please ?

Thank you