Moving Solicitor - What can be transferred?


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I recently sold a second house and I was not too impressed with the service I got.from my solictor. I do not intend to use this solcitor again. What rights do I have regards transferring my file, including my house deeds, Wills etc ?
Simply choose the solicitor you wish to take over your dealings and they will request the files from the previous solicitor.
You’ll need to have paid any of the Solicitor’s outstanding agreed fees in full before they’ll transfer the file and documents to your new Solicitor. Otherwise they can exercise a lien on the file.

If your Solicitor is involved in litigation on your behalf, the same principle generally applies and they’ll have to apply to the court to come off record and your new Solicitor will have to come on record on your behalf. (Though you don’t mention any litigation ongoing here).
As Johnno75 says at #3.

When fees have been settled take care to make particularly sure that you do get all of your documents back pronto and that the solicitor does not hold on to anything. This avoids being held to ransom on the double, at a later date, if they still have possession and you need them !