Mortgage Broker - Separated & Self Employed


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Please move if I am in the wrong forum.

I'm a father of 2, agreed to separate in the last few months. Have 2 young kids.
Mortgage on home house has 6 years left (60k remaining). Value is 350k euro.
I left a FT job after 10 years (If only I'd known!) early last year and I started my own company in Nov 2020 and started with a public service contract and one with a pharma.
I have tried to rent but with maintenance and cost of rental Ill end up paying a fortune for dead rent.
So now I'm looking at trying to buy, probably an old house due to the cost of liveable houses and doing it up myself. Or a site and putting a modular home on it.

So I am wondering what mortgage brokers people have used as self employed persons, or am I completely delusional thinking ill get a mortgage.
I have savings of 20k, salary of 75k, pension of 80k.

Many thanks


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You need to get settlement issues in relation to separation / divorce resolved first.