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Discussion in 'Payment Protection Insurance claims' started by Rubybelle, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Rubybelle

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    Hi, I had a credit card with mbna for approx 15 years, pp with it that was linked to account depending amount owed, I never signed up but presumed it was compulsory. The 6 year rule, does that mean I could only Claim back 3 years off the ppi as I have not used in last 3? Cheers
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    Read the threads on PPI,
    Here in Ireland, the Banks have been permitted by Regulators/Central Bank rob PPI from customers, unlike UK.
    Take as a given, any PPI claim will be opposed and sadly our Regulators are on Banks side.
    It is probable mbna have long since cancelled any ppi policy.

    Should you owe them a small sum on Credit card(under 2000) you could ask them to hold ppi miss-sell refund against what is owed and hard ball them !
    I just don't see them forcing things .