Maintaining PRSI record from the UK, post Brexit


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I'm curious to see if those currently living and working in the UK, or who plan to move to the UK in the future, and who previously have been under the Irish PRSI system - will now be allowed to pay voluntary contributions into the Irish PRSI system, when the UK leave the EU.

Currently, the rules are -
You can choose to pay voluntary contributions (if you are under 66 and meet the other conditions) if you:

Are no longer covered by compulsory PRSI in Ireland,

Are no longer covered by PRSI on a compulsory or voluntary basis in another EU country,

If you are working outside the EU and not subject to Irish or EU social insurance contributions you may also opt to pay voluntary contributions.

So if the UK becomes no longer 'another EU country' this could allow Irish folks in the UK to maintain and top-up their PRSI record and increase their future Ireland state pension entitlement.