Long Covid Studies


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Initial results of the study suggest there is significantly impaired gas transfer from the lungs to the bloodstream in the long Covid patients despite other tests – including CT scans – coming back as normal.

Good to see progress in understanding this. Another one I read recently looked at the suspected role of autoimmunity in long COVID.
It's worth remembering that there can be long term effects from any acute respiratory infection. For example is children who are hospitalised due to respiratory infections are 4 times more likely to develop asthma. Therefore 'Long Flu' is a thing, just as 'Long Covid' is a thing. The question is how much more of a thing is long Covid.
I cant post the link but this article from April Irish Times will interesting to see what type of precedent this sets

Top law firm ordered to pay solicitor €5,000 over ‘long Covid’ discrimination​

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